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Happy Bum Coffee Plunger

Happy Bum Coffee Plunger

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Our Happy Bum Plunger is designed to help make enema blend prepping that little bit easier. Ideal for making up your Coffee or Anti Inflammatory blends.

Use for Coffee Enemas, Anti Inflammatory Enemas which both require straining, and prepare all bulb blends. Easily fits in the fridge or freezer for solution cooling and easy clean up.

How To Use

  • Add your Happy Bum Blend into the plunger, fill with boiled water.
  • Caution: Wait for the blend to cool completely to room temperature before placing it into your Happy Bum Bag or Bulb.
  • Tip! You can place your plunger in the fridge to use later in the day! πŸ™‚
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    • Remove toxins from the body

    • Improve gut and bowel health

    • Alleviate anxiety and depression, improve mood and outlook

    • Clear skin

    • Remove parasites

    • Relieve inflammation

    • Alleviate aches and pains

    • Feel better all β€˜round!

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