"Janice and the team at Hydro Health provide the highest level of customer service I've found anywhere in a really long time. They are professional, communicative, punctual and friendly! The individual speculum sets are conveniently and hygienically packaged and the products are of a consistently high standard."
Angela Stapletom from InsidesOut Colon Therapy, Australia, 2013

"My name is Christina Albu. I run a Colon Hydrotherapy clinic in Newcastle, Australia, Innovative Body Solutions. I have been dealing with Hydro Health since 2010 and have found them to be a very professional company in terms of their products and services. Janice whom I have met personally at the Australian Colon Health Association (ACHA) Symposium in May 2010, is friendly and helpful. She always responds promptly to my requests even when I need urgent service and there have never been delays with deliveries. I am very happy with the products I purchase from Hydro Health. The 'Belly Ball' has been invaluable in gaining results for my clients during the colonics. The speculum packaging is see-through for viewing by both the client and therapist and is easily opened. The speculums are sterilized as well. The plastic outlet tubing is not too thick and has several smooth sections, which aren't corrugated, allowing me to pulse the tube or even fold the tube over for firmer pulsing. The speculum is tapered and has a ridge to hold onto making it easier to attach the outlet tube. I have used many other speculums throughout my work in London UK and here in Australia, but I prefer Hydro Health's speculums by far! I would recommend them to anyone requiring their products."
Christina Albu from Innovative Body Solutions, Australia, 2013

"I have been using Hydrohealth speculums now for the last 7 years and find them to be far superior in quality and ease of use compared to others I have tried. The round ring located at the bottom of the speculum provides more control for the therapist with insertion and provides support for the speculum to rest on the treatment bed giving more comfort to the client during a colonic procedure. I can definitely recommend Hydrohealth speculums. I also find the prompt and efficient service Hydrohealth provide with orders a must for every business."
Carol Harley from Colonic Hydrotherapy Centre Perth, Western Australia

"I get all my tubes from Janice. It just takes one phone call and shes onto it straight away. I highly recommend dealing with Janice as she is efficient, prompt and always ready to help."
Jan Osmond from Collaroy Colonics

"I’ve been using Hydro Health Speculums for my clinic in Sydney for 10 years and I would never use any other brand, and I’ve tried them all. Not only are these the most comfortable speculums to use for both the practitioner and the patient, but Janice’s customer service is second to none. She is always accommodating and when Aus Post is delayed she does everything she can to make sure you are always stocked. I wouldn’t use any other company."

"Janice has always supplied my business with the clinic kit I need. I have tried many other colonic kit and they have let me down with poor quality. Janice and her ongoing support has always provided excellent quality, I have never had any wastage or any other issue. Highly recommend her."
Melinda Atha from Urbodidetox Clinic 

"I have used Hydro Health in my business for over ten years. Janice always goes above and beyond in getting my orders to me quickly and nothing is ever to hard for her. I’ve recommended her to many other clinics to use and love working with our friends in NZ!"
Lynn Colonics Darwin

"I highly recommend Janice at Hydro Health Speculums. She is easy to communicate with, very punctual in deliveries and if anything gets lost due to courier issues, she always takes responsibility to catch the package up and provide updates on delivery status. We are very blessed to her as a supplier, especially now during global Covid induced supply issues, as I cannot imagine the headaches I would be dealing with now if I had chosen an overseas supplier."
Michelle from Back Door Spa Christchurch New Zealand

"I’m a Colon Hydrotherapist since over 22 years and am very glad I found the Hydro Health Speculums many years ago. As a teacher of the Gold standard of Holistic Colon Hydrotherapy I appreciate their design for the following reasons:
The angle of the freshwater inlet connector points away from the body, so the water can help faecal matter eliminate – not push against the faecal matter coming out.
The widening of the speculum in the middle makes sure that the tube cannot be accidently inserted to deep into the rectum.
The large ring at the end separates the waste tube from the rest of the speculum, making it easy to hold when you connect the waste tube and also makes it easy to secure the speculum with a towel, so it cannot slip out.
Having small viewing parts (non-corrugated) in the waste tube allows to check the poo as it comes out of the body.
I wouldn’t recommend any other Speculums.
Hydro Health has also excellent customer service and is always helpful and supportive."
Ela Gold from www.vitalishealth.com.au

"We have been using Janice at Hydro Health for our speculum kits since opening up our clinic. We have found that the quality of the speculums has always exceeded our expectations. Not only are the products amazing, Janice is also great to work with. She has always communicated with us in regards to shipping etc. We could not recommend Hydro Health speculums enough!"

"Janice prompt care and quality of service is beyond anything i have ever experienced. Janice has a true heart and love in serving the community in these mad and sometimes challenging times we live in, deepest gratitude Janice for all that you provide."
Cate from Byron Bay