Collection: Provide a Smooth, Professional Colonic Hydrotherapy Experience

Our expertly manufactured speculums are designed for use with the closed system of your colonic hydrotherapy machine. The superior design of the Hydro Health disposable speculum makes it easier, safer and more comfortable for you as the practitioner. We guarantee no risk of rough edges, flimsy components, over-insertion or discomfort for your client. Perform the therapy with confidence that your client will be totally comfortable, safe and relaxed. Plus, our speculum packs come complete with both inlet and outlet tubing needed for therapy.


  • Free samples of colonic packs are available on request.
  • Email your order including a postal address direct to Attn: Janice -
  • No minimum amount,  no order to big or small
  • I will reply within a 24hr period to confirm details

Hydro Health

What have you done for your colon health lately?

Colonic irrigation, also known as colon hydrotherapy, has benefits for your mind and body – inside and out.

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