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Welcome to Hydro Health

Hydro Health was launched by Patricia Macintyre in November 1997.At the time Patricia found that the capital of New Zealand(Wellington) was ready to embrace the alternative to mainstream medicine for treatment of bowel problems.

Patricia manufactured and distributed speculums to those that had the closed system machine that is used for hydrotherapy treatments.

After taking over the business from Patricia in 2006 Hydro Health also started manufacturing and distributing Belly Balls to be used by gently rolling around the belly area to help increase muscular action during treatment. Belly balls come with suggestions for the best use of the ball.

With my nursing background a high standard of hygiene was paramount .Our products are sterilised to ensure this high standard.

With Compliance Management Solutions as our Australian sponsor we are TGA  registered  so that we are able to to sell in Australia following all rules and regulations.

The latest addition to our ever expanding product list  we now also distribute for the



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   Blue Tubes  for open system machines.   




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