About Hydro Health

Colonic Hydrotherapy Made Better

The tools for an improved colonic irrigation experience

Are you a therapist looking to improve the experience of colonic irrigation for yourself and your clients? Or do you want to experience the benefits of a safe, successful enema at home?

Hydro Health have been supplying professional Australasian colonic irrigation therapists for two decades with sterile, ergonomically designed speculums for closed system machines.

And now we’re proud to be supplying Happy Bum Co products for use at home!

Meet Janice

Hi, I’m Janice Hamilton of Hydro Health. As a former nurse, I strongly believe that colon hydrotherapy is a great, natural preventative health option to enhance wellbeing in our communities. This chemical-free, drug-free therapy cleanses the bowel – and in turn, cleanse toxins from the body. With the Happy Bum Co products a safe and easy enema can be performed in the comfort of your home to cleanse toxins from the body.

Why Colonic Irrigation – and Why Hydro Health?

I joined this industry when the benefits of colon hydrotherapy were becoming more apparent and the need for good quality, disposable equipment was growing. Hydro Health wanted to manufacture and supply the best speculum on the market to therapists.

Our products are sterilised to ensure a high standard of hygiene. We’ve been supplying colonic irrigation therapists in Australasia for 20 years with no recalls – just happy therapists and clients. This is thanks to our quality products and our knowledgeable customer service. Plus, we can provide same day dispatch when you order before 12pm!

Happy Bum Co started in Australia and we are happy to be the New Zealand Distributor so we can support people to perform at-home enemas safely and successfully.

  • Remove toxins from the body

  • Improve gut and bowel health

  • Alleviate anxiety and depression, improve mood and outlook

  • Clear skin

  • Remove parasites

  • Relieve inflammation

  • Alleviate aches and pains

  • Feel better all ‘round!

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