Speculum for the closed system.

For the Colon Therapist

The superior design of the Hydro Health disposable Speculum makes it easier, safer and more comfortable to use for you the practitioner.

One of the special design features of this speculum that sets it apart is the large grip/guard (see picture) at the back of the speculum. This combined with the solid rounded end of the obdurator makes for a totally safe comfortable hold during insertion. You can relax, and concentrate on your client's wellbeing and comfort instead of on the speculum.

The strong solid design of the obdurator ensures that it will not break off, bend or separate from its stem at any stage of the insertion procedure.

The smooth design and unique shape of the tip makes insertion easy for you and comfortable for your client, giving you the total confidence of a smooth insertion.

Just behind the tip, this speculum has been shaped to ensure that getting past the muscle grouping will be effortless. And an area has been designed for the speculum to naturally rest after insertion, with a larger backstop ridge to remove the risk of over-insertion.

Overall, it is more balanced and comfortable for you and your client.

For your client 

With the Hydro Health speculum there is no risk of rough edges, flimsy components, over-insertion or an uncomfortable procedure.

You can be confident that your client will be totally comfortable, safe and relaxed.


Speculum in Packs

Sterilzed packs and plain packs to choose from.

Speculum packs have been design to make it easier for the therapist  by including the tubing needed for the therapy.

Speculum Packs include:

  • One speculum
  • One inlet tube
  • One outlet tube.


Tubes for the open system colonics.



We now sell the Blue tubes with the rounded end for comfort on insertion.

Joiners at great Prices

Protection plus disposable under pads.

We have what you need and if we don't we will get it for you .

The Belly Ball 


The Belly Ball is made of beautiful New Zealand timber ,a sustainable resource, grown for harvest.

The Belly Ball is offered to your person to roll around their belly during a treatment. It not only feels great but helps to encourage muscular action.

The client can be taught the rolling technique to aid the colon hydrotherapy process, and as a self-help aid to be used on a daily basis for continuing bowel care.

The client can also be taught the sliding technique as well as the bounce. The rolling and sliding techniques gives the therapist a rest from massage as well as giving the client the chance to focus on their body.The bowel muscle can connect to the bouncing rhythm and start releasing.


It is also helpful to just hold the ball firmly in one place for a minute. This action around the mid transverse area is great to help move trapped gas.

The belly ball comes with a booklet of instructions and comes in a delightful organza bag. It is a great little self-help tool and perfect as a gift to yourself, clients ,family and friends($NZ): 

Price ($NZ): $19.95 + GST

NOTE: GST applies to NZ buyers only. Prices do not include freight.

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