About Us

Mission Statement

To provide hydrotherapist with products that make the therapy a smooth, effective and comfortable experience for both therapist and client.


  1. Manufacture Speculums and Comfort Clean Tubes that are of such high quality and specifications that the client has the safest and best experience possible when having therapy.
  2. Supply supporting products at the highest standard for the therapist to be able to carry out the therapy successfully.
  3. Deliver products to the therapist quickly and efficiently and have the product arriving to the therapist in the best condition possible.
  4. Provide a friendly and supportive administration system so that therapists are comfortable discussing any issues as they arise.

Janice Intro

I am Janice Hamilton the manufacturer and distributor of Hydro Health products.

My partner, children and I live and work in a small town called Matakana in New Zealand where the air is fresh and clean, the land is green and the people believe in living  and enjoying a natural life-style.

I started my career as a nurse in the city   before moving to the country where I was able to use my knowledge and experience to care for the elderly.

I met Patricia Macintyre through my work and quickly realised the benefits of colon hydrotherapy.  I appreciated that this is a treatment that did not use chemicals or drugs and yet cleansed the bowel which in turn cleansed all toxins from the body.

At the time I took over the business colon hydrotherapy clinics were few and far between. The benefits of colon hydrotherapy were becoming more apparent and the need for good quality disposable equipment was very apparent.

I strongly believe that colon hydrotherapy is  a natural preventative health option that can only enhance the better wellbeing of our communities.


Janice Hamilton

Owner / Operator




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